Vantage Hearth Corner Line Smooth Fireplace - 36"
Item#: 3720141

The Vantage Hearth Corner Line Smooth Fireplace - 36" is an incredible space saver for your home, giving you more floor and wall space. The beautiful fireplace will accommodate any style or décor, while displaying radiant fires that warm a room for many years to come. Designed with full refractory firebrick-look liner gives this unit an attractive look and a safe atmosphere. The textured charcoal powder coat paint finish and solid steel log grate give the fireplace a dark appearance, as well as finished, heavy duty construction. Designed for attraction, this firebox allows a naturally beautiful look, while preventing any unnecessary messes from building up.


  • Full refractory firebrick-look liner
  • Textured powder coat finish
  • Solid steel log grate included
  • Smooth face style

The smooth-faced fireplace has a plain, charcoal gray finish on the front, and has a brick liner or full insulated brick liner option for the inside. The non-circulating fireplace adds an elegant, sophisticated look to any room in your home, making it possible to stay cozy during any season. Designed with unique style, this fireplace stands out from most others with it's marvelous style and view. The heavy duty 36" fireplace includes a black chain mesh fire-screen for added safety assurance and a unique look. Finish off your living room or bedroom with this magnificent accent piece that will accommodate a warm or romantic atmosphere.


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