Vantage Hearth Performance Line Stamped Fireplace - 42"
Item#: 3720124

The Vantage Hearth Performance Line Stamped Fireplace - 42" is just the touch you need when finishing the decor of your home. This wood burning fireplace uses outside air control and has a hidden screen pocket. The unit is designed with an easy-access damper and it's face is finished with a textured charcoal powder coat paint finish that gives it a sharp, dark appearance. It's dark color and louver-stamped face are extremely accommodating to any style or decor that you have chosen for the room that is hosting this fireplace.


  • Full refractory firebrick-look liner
  • 42" wide glass viewing area
  • Textured powder coat finish
  • Solid steel log grate included
  • Stamped face style

This easy to install fireplace is powerful and attractive, having the ability to warm a room in no time! The included black chain mesh fire-screen features extra safety and protection from any harm to you and your family. Constructed with safety and convenience in mind, the hidden screen pockets are able to be tucked the away in order to maximize the viewing area for the full effect. The 42" circulating fireplace adds an elegant, sophisticated look to any room in your home, making it possible for you and your family to stay cozy during any season.


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