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US Stove Miracle Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer
Item#: 3500033

Wood and coal stoves tend to lose a considerable amount of heat through the chimney and flue. The US Stove Miracle Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer is designed to utilize a part of that lost heat, while letting enough heat pass through the chimney so that creosote and soot formation is avoided.


  • Install 15-24" away from stove top
  • Fits 6" black stove pipes
  • Compatible with wood or coal stoves
  • Fully sealed from flue gases
  • Easy installation

The US Stove Miracle Heat 6" Heat Reclaimer installs into a 12 inch section of the stove pipe. It has an integrated thermo disk that senses the heat in the chimney. Once hot, this very quiet, dependable fan turns on and blows air through the heat exchanger, promoting heat circulation to improve overall efficiency.

Heavy-gauge outer box and heat tubes provide durability and long lasting performance that will enhance and improve the efficiency of stoves and furnaces.

Please Note: This unit is not for use with oil and gas stoves.


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