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Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Glass DoorsFireplace Doors
FireplacesGas & Wood Fireplaces
Electric FireplacesElectric Fireplaces
Fireplace InsertsFireplace Inserts
Fireplace GratesFireplace Grates
Firewood HoldersFirewood Holders
Blowers and FansBlowers & Fans
Fire StartersFire Starters
Fireplace Gas Log SetsFireplace Gas Log Sets
Gas Burner PartsGas Burner Parts
Fire GlassFire Glass
Fireplace ScreensFireplace Screens
Fireplace ToolsFireplace Toolsets
Fireplace Hearth RugsHearth Rugs
Candles & CandelabrasCandles & Candelabras
Cleaning & MaintenanceCleaning & Maintenance
Fireplace SafetySafety Products
Mantels & SurroundsMantels & Surrounds

Fireplace Glass Doors

Fire can be unpredictable. Here at Woodland Direct, we recognize the need to keep the chaos managed, especially when there are children and pets to account for. Still, our selection of glass doors isn’t just affordable and safe, but they look good too – because being functional shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Fireplace Units

Beginning with the smell of pine and autumn resin, then sweeping into the charming fragrance of winter oaks and delicate sage brush – we understand the way that nature speaks, and that's why our fireplaces are designed to give her a voice. Because when it comes to making your house feel like a home, there is nothing that can offer such natural levity, beauty, vitality as a real wood burning fireplace.

Fireplace Inserts

There are times when a home is defined not by what it has, but by what it doesn’t. At Woodland Direct, believe that an unused firebox is an opportunity, and our line of fireplace inserts proves the point. With the space left open and waiting, you’re already halfway to an overstuffed chair, a glass of wine, an open book, and a hearth that’s burning with light, warmth, and life.

Fireplace Grates

While many fireplace grates on the market are only designed to last for a year or two, here at Woodland Direct we believe that things should be made to last. That’s why our entire line is crafted from diamond bar steel stock or solid cast iron, ensuring that no matter how long you keep the fire burning, your grate will be there even longer.

Firewood Racks and Carriers

For those of us who have been at it long enough, we know that getting wood from the pile to the hearth can be a bit more difficult than simply grabbing an armful. Our selection of wood racks and carriers is designed with a heart for creative functionality, making storing your wood – and transporting it – the easiest part of your wood burning experience.

Fire Starters

For anyone who has owned a fireplace for any length of time, you know that starting a fire can be a bit more complicated than simply laying the wood on the grate. At Woodland Direct, we think things should be simple, and that’s why we’ve designed our selection of fire starters to fit each household – so that the next time you have to start a fire, it’s as easy as striking a match.

Gas Logs

The proper set of fireplace gas logs can make a hearth what it was meant to be – comforting, calm, and timeless. But the truth is, when it comes to choosing the right set for you, the options can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of the very best products we could find, so that no matter which set catches your eye, you’ll pick the right one the first time.

Gas Burner Parts

There are times when getting the results you want requires a bit of personal involvement. Our selection of gas burner parts allows you to take your fireplace to the next level – whether indoors or out, we’ve got the parts you need to change your fuel type, assemble your own burner with custom gas logs, and put the final safety touches on the hearth you’ve always wanted.

Fire Glass

Allowing the gas or propane of your fireplace to flow and shift around it, fire glass acts to add an artistic impulse to your fire display. Our fire glass meets the highest standards in the industry, every package tempered to resist the high heat of a gas burning fireplace or fire pit – and the best part is that fire glass doesn’t produce fumes or soot, meaning that your fire won’t come at the expense of the environment or extra cleaning.

Fireplace Screens

Combining function and form into one extensible idea, fireplace screens protect your home from sparks and embers without permanently affixing to your hearth. In addition to offering levity, charm, and innovative design, fireplace screens make installation and use simple while remaining every bit as alluring as stationary glass doors.

Fireplace Tool Set

When it comes to fireplace maintenance, it’s nice to have everything in one place. Our comprehensive selection of sophisticated fireplace toolsets provides an easy means of keeping it all together – so whether you’re looking for an artistic accent to your hearth, or just easy access to the tools you need, you’ll be primed and ready.

Fireplace Hearth Rugs

Adding a fresh, clean look to your fireplace, as well as a high level of protection, hearth rugs are a simple and effective way to transform a cold brick hearth into a welcoming place of comfort – and since our rugs are equipped with extremely high melting points, you won’t have to worry about yours getting fire damaged.

Fireplace Cleaning

Getting your fireplace looking just the way you want it can be challenging, so we think that maintaining it should be the easy part. Our wide selection of fireplace cleaning accessories includes hearth gloves, ash holders and shovels, ash vacuums, and easy-to-use fireplace spray cleaners, all joining together to make the job of cleaning your fireplace simple, fast, and most importantly, done.

Fireplace Safety

While a fire can be a comforting and relaxing addition to your home, it can also add a layer of danger when there are pets and small children involved. We take fireplace safety just as seriously as you do, ensuring that each one of our products provides the highest level of protection and security available, so that your family is as safe in your home as you are.


Every picture should have a frame, and every fireplace should have a mantle. Our vast assortment of fireplace mantels makes it easy to choose the right one for your fireplace, custom built to fit the exact measurements of your fireplace. When it comes to the finishing touches, trust us – we’ve already thought of everything, and we’re here to help.

Blowers and Fans

Utilize these blowers and fans to save energy and money, while providing proper upkeep to your heating and cooling appliances. Whatever purchase you’re looking to make – from fireplace heaters to room circulating fans – these products enhance your comfort at work or at home.


Originally created to support firewood, andirons are now used less for utility and more as elegant decoration. Still, our selection of andirons remain unique and refined without losing any of their former functionality, built to support burning wood logs or simply stand as a testament to your superior taste and class.


When a fire is beginning to die, the quickest way to get it going again is to increase the air supply. While kneeling to blow on the fire is an option, it doesn’t work quickly, and it can also be tiring. We want to make things easier for you, and that’s where our line of fireplace bellows comes in. Bellows provide a steady stream of air that will rejuvenate your fire quickly – and the bigger the bellows you use, the faster your fire will recover.


While a fireplace is an ideal place for a wood, ethanol, or gas burning fire, the hearth can be used for other applications as well. Our line of fireplaces candelabras take thinking outside the grate, spreading the flames thinner and finer in a tasteful way – and to finish off the design, we even have matching wall sconces for either side of your mantle, completing an essence of elegance.


Once designed to protect the rear wall of the fireplace from fire damage, firebacks now provide a singular flavor to your hearth with an old-world flare. In addition to being decorative, firebacks also improve the heat output of your fireplace by absorbing warmth from the fire, and then reflecting it back out into the room.

Results 49-67 of 6712
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