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Cooking & Cleaning Kit
Item#: 3880009

The Cooking & Cleaning Kit is your answer to the least amount of stores and sale papers this season as you are trying to find the perfect tools for your griddle. This convenient kit provides you with the proper tools to make a picture-perfect meal, as well as the heavy duty cleaning supplies needed for a quick and easy cleanup afterwards.


  • Made with 430 Stainless steel
  • Spatula, tongs, and egg rings for cooking
  • Scrubber and scraper for cleaning

The professional 16" chef tongs and 7" spatula are perfect for lunch and dinner events, keeping you safe from any burns with the length of the tools. The egg rings are stainless steel tools that keep your eggs just the right size for a restaurant style breakfast sandwich. This kit also provides a griddle scrubber and 4" scraper, making your clean-up time short and easy.


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