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Grease Trough Shield - 23"
Item#: 3880016

The Grease Trough Shield - 23" is a tremendous addition for your griddle. Designed to make your job easier, the heavy duty stainless steel trough attaches perfectly on the griddle, keeping the grease inside. This prevents it from spilling over the edge or causing flare-ups.


  • 430 stainless steel construction
  • Designed for Griddle-Q Medium Griddle
  • Keeps the mess minimal

The light weight material of the Grease Trough Shield - 23" makes it easy to handle and a quick addition for your griddle. Keep your experience as simple and safe as possible by using a grease trough. This accessory can assist in making your clean-up time seem shorter than ever and can also be set up as a fourth wall for your griddle.


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