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PGS Moon Rocks for Pacifica & A-Series A40 Grills
Item#: 4080032

The PGS Moon Rocks for Pacifica & A-Series A40 Grills is an accessory set that can assist in the process of keeping your grill in perfect condition. The solid ceramic rocks work together to absorb heat, which eliminates dead spots on your grill.


  • Hard ceramic material
  • Set includes 84 rocks
  • Reduces flare-ups
  • Disperses heat and cooking power
  • Eliminates dead spots on your grill

Some grills tend to contain more cooking power in one area than in another, and these hard rocks disperse the heat and cooking power. Once the rocks are heated up, their absorbent reaction to drippings and grease reduces dangerous flare-ups from occurring. Perfect for using frequently, these rocks should be flipped over occasionally, allowing them to serve to their full potential.


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