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ProFire Heat Deflector Plate
Item#: 5130152

Designed to convert your Kamado grill into a versatile cooking system, the ProFire Heat Deflector Plate basically transforms your grill into a cooker and smoker by refracting the grill’s heat. This plate sits between the grid and charcoal in your grill, allowing air flow for overall heat instead of a direct flame.


  • Turns grill into an indirect cooker and smoker
  • Works perfectly with the ProFire Bravo Kamado Grill
  • Maintains cooking temperature consistently

Using the ProFire Heat Deflector Plate is one of the best ways to slow cook or smoke in your Kamado grill. The heat and smoke rise up around the plate to avoid burning or drying out during lengthier cooks. It also helps to consistently maintain your cooking temperature.


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