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Round Island Grillstone - 14" Diameter
Item#: 56101155

With this Round Island Grillstone - 14" Diameter, you will be the talk of your family and friends. Its porous surface holds the juices, allowing them to seep back into the food for an amazing flavor.


  • Perfect for Kamado grills
  • Flames won’t touch your food, which can cause charring or overcooking
  • Juices seep into the stone and then cook back into the food
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with both gas and charcoal grills

Constructed from porous volcanic rock, the Round Island Grillstone - 14" Diameter holds the moisture and cooks it back into the food. By using this stone, you eliminate charring and reduce the chance of overcooking your meats, veggies, seafood, and more.

The Round Island Grillstone - 14" Diameter is a first-class alternative to traditional metal cooking plates. Volcanic rock is known to retain heat and evenly distribute it, creating the perfect cooking surface for your charcoal and gas grills. You can even pour your favorite sauces right on your food for the most incredible flavor.


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