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Saffire Grill Ceramic Heat Deflector
Item#: 3780022

With this Saffire Grill Ceramic Heat Deflector, your Saffire grill becomes much more than just a grill. This ceramic plate allows heat to come up and around the food being cooked, resulting in convection-style cooking rather than a direct grilling method.


  • Provides indirect heat to the cooking area
  • Larger pieces of meat may be roasted/smoked to perfection without burning
  • Turns the Saffire grill into a highly efficient smoker

Using the Saffire Grill Ceramic Heat Deflector makes the Saffire grill more versatile than any other type of grill. It helps to evenly cook large pieces of meat, such as a turkey, without burning on the bottom. The ceramic is also useful when the grill is being used as a smoker.


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