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Napoleon Black Apollo 3 'n 1 Smoker & Grill
Item#: 3550767

The Napoleon Black Apollo 3 'n 1 Smoker & Grill hosts a unique and transformable component that is perfect for almost any outdoor leisure activity. The grill is constructed with three cooking chambers or stackers that contain a 20" cooking grate. This grill can be used for wet or dry smoking to provide a unique taste, or it can be used as a stand alone charcoal grill for small outings or gatherings. The grill can also be used with its water chamber to add moisture or wines and sauces, giving your meats a flavorful and juicy taste. The sturdy lid is constructed with a handle on top and with five hooks on the inside for hanging fish or ribs. Featured with an ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge on the grill's lid and multiple vents throughout the grill, the user has the ability to control the temperature at their own pace.


  • Use as a smoker, grill, or water chamber
  • Transformable stacked cooking chambers
  • Temperature gauge and vents
  • Perfect for camping, boats, or tailgating
  • Perfect for wet or dry smoking

This grill is designed with temperature eyelets at each grill level, providing a space for temperature probes. Constructed with three sturdy legs, folding handles, and tightly fitted doors, this grill is phenomenally durable for outdoor environments. The smallest level is used for a charcoal grill; the next level is used to add a water pan to the grill for moisture and new flavors. Finally, the top level is used as a smoker, adding a smoky taste to your meats and fish. Now you can conveniently prepare three different styles of meals using one compact tool on your leisure time.


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