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Smoky Mountain 38" Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker
Item#: 21000122

Bring out the flavor in your food with the Smoky Mountain 38" Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker. With this gas smoker, you'll have the ability to enhance the flavor of multiple foods in your pantry, from seafood and specialty cheeses to meats and a variety of nuts. Its heat saving drawers allow you to access the wood chip box and water pan without opening the main chamber door.


  • Sturdy steel construction designed for easy assembly
  • Cast brass burner distributes heat evenly and won't rust
  • Fully adjustable heat control and front door temperature gauge
  • Adjustable top and side vents for optimum temperature control
  • Rotary ignitor
  • Primary cooking size: 1008 sq. in.
  • 16,000 BTUs

The Smoky Mountain 38" Two Drawer Vertical Gas Smoker has been designed and built with your convenience in mind. It comes complete with a magnetic door closing system, so that your food is guaranteed that sealed-in smoky flavor. It's also outfitted with two steel wide grip carrying handles, five adjustable chrome plated cooking grates, and a meat hanger, as well as square, wide stance legs for stability.


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