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Summit CARTOS Serving Cart
Item#: 4590004

The Summit CARTOS Serving Cart brings luxury and convenience to the outdoors in a stainless steel serving cart. With a modern style to match any decor and weatherproof construction, this serving cart is a great addition to you patio or outdoor room.


  • Durable 304-grade stainless steel construction
  • Storage shelves inside and out
  • Exterior shelves, cabinets, towel bar handles
  • GFCI outlet if you add a refrigeration unit

This 61" wide unit lets you create an upscale kitchen right in your own backyard, beginning with ample storage space. Store items on three exterior shelves and inside magnetic locking doors fitted with elegant towel bar handles. The cart includes room for ice storage and a removable stainless steel countertop. The unit is easy to move around with the casters that you can serve friends and family with ease.

The serving cart is completely constructed from 304-grade stainless steel to weather the elements in classic style. The three levels of weather proofing makes it strong enough to face the weather elements. The construction seals the back to protect all electrical outlets and the GFCI that allows you to install a SUMMIT refrigerator, freezer, or beer cooler for more storage options.


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