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Summit PCC50BLUE Beverage Cooler
Item#: 4590009

The Summit PCC50BLUE Beverage Cooler adds a nice style to any location. Featuring innovative cooling technology, the ice pack inside walls keeps beverages cold for up to 8 hours without ice or electricity. This cooler/merchandiser will be great for barbeques, sporting events and parties.


  • Wooden side shelves and storage rack for serving convenience
  • Keeps beverages cool for 8 hours
  • Included casters make it mobile
  • Can be plugged in and used as a refrigerator

By using the Summit PCC50BLUE Beverage Cooler it eliminates messy ice from beverage storage with the unique "blue" ice bank that lets you chill beverages overnight to serve cold the next day. The unit can run without electricity for up to eight hours, maximizing convenience and making its uses unlimited.

Sturdy wheel casters make it mobile while two wooden side shelves and a chrome rack let you store and serve right at the cooler. For added versatility, the unit can be plugged in and used as a regular refrigerator.

Please note: this unit is not designed or approved for outdoor use.


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