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Evo 30" Professional Tabletop Circular Flattop BBQ Grill
Item#: N49600023

Take your grilling abilities to the next level with the Evo 30" Professional Tabletop Circular Flattop BBQ Grill! This flattop grill will allow you to grill, roast, sear, smoke, toast, steam, and bake - such versatility. The black, seasoned steel cook surface is heated from underneath by inner and outer gas tube burners. Your food can be prepared directly on the cook top or traditionally in pots and pans just like stove top cooking - either separately or simultaneously.


  • Circular design creates a social cooking space
  • Seasoned cooking surface for excellent flavor
  • Two temperature zones between the inner and outer burners
  • Weather-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Surrounding drip pan for easy cleaning

This grill can run on natural gas or propane and offers plenty of cooking power. The two circular burners are controlled separately and can heat the steel cooktop from 225ºF - 700ºF from the center to the outer edge. Upgrade the cooktop to have a ceramic finish that will provide a more durable cooking surface.

This tabletop model allows for easy set up on a picnic or banquet table. Designed with a heat shield on the bottom of the unit it will prevent heat from damaging the table. Entertain and cook wonderful meals anywhere you go with the portability of this grill!


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