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Sunstone 42" Dual Zone Charcoal BBQ Grill
Item#: 47300016

The Sunstone 42" Dual Zone Charcoal BBQ Grill provides a unique addition to your outdoor gatherings this season. Using charcoal or wood logs rather than gas, this 304 stainless steel grill is constructed for durability. The simple, sleek finish of the grill is sure to match any existing decor or exciting plans for the future.


  • 42" built-in grill
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Can burn either charcoal or wood logs
  • Dual zone fireboxes for different grilling styles
  • Includes warming rack and smoker box

Ready to step up your next summer barbecue or romantic dinner? This multi-fuel grill features versatility, cooking almost any style with its dual zone fireboxes. The pass-thru heat flavorizor racks are perfect for adding a glorious taste to any outdoor meal. The included warming rack and smoker box will make your job easier and more safe for years to come.


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