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Primo Quicklights Firestarter Squares
Item#: 3810042

Use Primo Quicklights Firestarter Squares to easily light the lump charcoal in your Primo ceramic grill without the aid of lighter fluid. Quicklights light as quickly as their name suggests.


  • 24 pack
  • Used to light lump charcoal
  • Should ignite with the help of only one to two fire starters

What makes these fire starter squares different than others is the unique abrasive section at the end of each piece - designed to strike a match against it. Matches can also be struck on the fire starter box itself. Light one or two and place them down in the charcoal. With proper venting, one or two fire starters can ignite your whole bed of lump charcoal.

Each box contains 24 Quick lights.


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