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ProFire Ceramic Pizza Stone w/Wire Holder
Item#: 5130143

Once heated, the ProFire Ceramic Pizza Stone w/Wire Holder will evenly bake anything you place on it! This ceramic pizza stone is perfect for pizza, cookies, bread, and much more. Plus, the wire holder makes adjusting and removing the stone from the grill or oven safe and stress-free.


  • 13” diameter
  • Works perfectly with the ProFire Bravo Kamado Grill
  • Designed specifically to heat pizza evenly, but works for almost anything!

Warning: Never put a hot pizza stone on a cool surface or place a cool pizza stone in a hot oven or grill. The drastic temperature change can shatter the ceramic material. Additionally, discoloration of the pizza stone is common. The nonabsorbent, stick-resistant surface will season itself naturally with use. This product is hand-wash only.

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