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Sunglo 24-Volt Natural Gas Permanent Patio Heater - Black
Item#: 58600020

The Sunglo 24-Volt Natural Gas Permanent Patio Heater - Black is a manual lit, permanent patio heater that works efficiently. This 24 volt heater utilizes radiant heat to warm the objects without heating the surrounding air.


  • Gas-fired infrared heater
  • Constant pilot
  • 100% safety shut off
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and coatings
  • Includes 24 volt heater head, 84" post, SunGlo reflector, and a transformer

The Sunglo 24-Volt Natural Gas Permanent Patio Heater - Black emits 50,000 BTUs/hour, making sure that you and your guests will stay warm as the cold weather blows in. Because this patio heater runs on natural gas, it helps in radiating the required heat quietly and efficiently. Made of corrosion-free material and coating, this unit looks nice in your home patio and provides great warmth in cool weather.

This heater utilizes a pilot-thermocouple 100% safety shutoff. You can turn your heater off/on with the electrical switch, timer or other control device by interrupting the 24 VAC supply to the heater. The control device is to be supplied by the installer, and the manual control knob must be set to the ON position for this heater to operate with an electrical switch.

Please Note: Twenty-four volt heaters require 24 VAC electrical outlet to be connected in order to operated the main burner. Pilot must be manually lit.

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