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Firegear 16" Stainless Steel Burning Spur
Item#: 3150685

Complete your outdoor fire pit arrangement Firegear 16" Stainless Steel Burning Spur. The spur design emulates that of a real campfire perfect for arrangements containing fireglass or ceramic gas logs. It is constructed of 304 stainless steel it comes ready to be used with natural gas, but can be converted to propane with a conversion kit.


  • Internal drainage system
  • Efficient BTU output
  • 304 Stainless steel material

The six point design creates a unique fire effect and will keep you and your guests warm long into the night! The Firegear 16" Stainless Steel Burning Spur produces 55,000 BTUs of heat which allows you to save energy and burn your display for longer periods of time. This set includes the burner, orifice, female, and male flares.


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