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Firebuggz plug n Play 36" Round Fire Pit Insert
Item#: 48300002

This unique fire pit insert will bring excitement and will draw the attention of your neighborhood friends to your home or campsite. The Firebuggz plug n Play 36" Round Fire Pit Insert has many available Plug n Play cooking accessories and fun gadgets that will make your family the envy of the neighborhood or campground. Not only does it make cooking easier with the different multi-functional Plug n Play cooking accessories, it’s also tons of fun for the whole family.


  • Measures at 31” ID x 12”D
  • Fits within an enclosed 36” Circular Landscape Block Fire Pit
  • 12 Individual holes for multiple Plug n Play Firebuggz cooking accessories
  • Accessories sold separately

Constructed of durable steel, with a powder coat finish the Firebuggz plug n Play 36" Round Fire Pit Insert fits perfect into an enclosed fire pit made of landscaping block (Landscaping Block Sold Separately). Use the 12 built in holes for different multifunctional Firebuggz grilling and cooking accessories

Simply pop in the Firebuggz cooking accessory of your choice and swivel for the desired cooking heat position over the fire. When done cooking simply swivel away from the fire and serve or keep close to stay warm. Easily assembled, and easy to use, simply couldn’t ask for more.


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