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Hitzer Barbeque Grill Fire Pit
Item#: 3250001

When you mix the simplicity of Amish craftsmanship with a love of grilling you get the Hitzer Barbeque Grill Fire Pit. This sturdy fire pit will stand up to the outdoors.


  • Features removable steel lid to protect from rain
  • Provided large steel grill
  • Raise and lower grill to height desired

Utilize the removable rotating arm by grilling or barbecuing on the provided large steel grill. You can raise and lower your grill to the height desired, or remove the grill and hang a kettle from the rotating arm for another outdoor cooking option. Built on four legs, the Hitzer Barbeque Grill Fire Pit can be located on just about any level surface.

With proper care and maintenance, this unit is built to last. The removable steel lid is an extremely important part of the Outdoor Fire Pit/ Barbeque grill. Utilizing the lid after every use will allow longevity of your Fire Pit/Grill. It is important to not allow moisture inside the fire pit. Wet ashes can be very corrosive and the ash can stay wet for an extended period of time. This will create rust, damage your Fire Pit, and void all warranty. The lid is designed to keep moisture out when not in operation.


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