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Steel Campfire Bowl - 23"
Item#: 2130052

The Steel Campfire Bowl - 23" makes it possible to create a wood burning fire pit instantly or bring the open fire with you wherever you go. Made with solid steel heavy-duty durability, this fire pit is designed to last.


  • Wrought from solid steel construction
  • heavy duty to withstand the elements
  • Will not tip over or blow away
  • Add grill for the perfect camping experience

This Steel Campfire Bowl - 23" is 33" wide and 12" tall - the perfect size for a fire pit. Surround it with benches and company and you will have an excellent campfire party.

Add a steel grill to the top and you will have the perfect compact fire pit, grilling experience. The heavy-duty is sure not to tip over or blow away. Enjoy and purchase with confidence.


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