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Vintage Copper Fire Pit
Item#: 3680092

Hand crafted and hammered to a brilliant textured shine, the Vintage Copper Fire Pit is a testament to authenticity. You’re invited to explore a space where imagination means the implement, and your outdoor room is given the life of an open fire.


  • Hand crafted 100% copper tub with hammered finish
  • Dimensions: 26" Dia. x 23"H
  • Romantic-style rim
  • Includes: spark guard, removal tool, and vinyl cover

The Vintage Copper Fire Pit has everything you need to get the evening going; with a span of 26” in diameter, you’ll find room enough to build a blaze that will last for hours. The 100% copper tub sets an antiquated mood, while the heavy-duty spark guard keeps things contained by shielding against errant sparks. With the addition of the protective vinyl cover, you’ll have everything you need to get you from ignition to embers, and all the moments in between.


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