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Broilmaster Qrave Q3 Cart Mount Gas BBQ Grill
Item#: N3840147

This cooker can do it all - grill, smoke, steam and slow cook your favorite meals with the Broilmaster Qrave Q3 Cart Mount Gas BBQ Grill! The cast aluminum construction of this grill contributes greatly to the consistent temperatures that allows you to be versatile with your cooking. The grill also offers 695 sq. in. of cooking area and 25,000 BTUs (NG)/26,500 BTUs (LP) cooking power.


  • Stainless steel oval burner
  • Two-piece and two-level stainless steel cooking grids
  • Stainless steel drip pan with valve and external drip bucket
  • Built-In smoker tray for wood chips or pellets
  • Electronic igniter operates on one AA battery

Grill traditionally on the stainless steel grids or griddle or add some smoker chips or pellets to smoke your favorite meats. To help maintain that constant cooking temperature, a slide-out tray lets you monitor or add your favorite wood chips or pellets without opening the cooker’s lid. The chip tray is positioned just above one end of the burner to ensure consistent heat and smoke. Separate left/right burner controls let you vary the overall cooking temperature and maintain optimum heat under the chip tray. When you decide to steam vegetables, fish or crab just close the drain valve, fill the drip pan with water and set the burner to high. The drip pan will hold more than a gallon of water or other liquid. Once heated, the extra mass of this liquid helps maintain the desired temperature, while adding moisture to the cooking process. Roast or slow cook easily because the stainless steel drip pan serves as a barrier between your food and the fire below. Heat from the dual-control gas burner swirls up around the sides of the pan, creating a convection effect that helps cook foods uniformly. The drippings, which would normally fall onto the burner and flare up, instead land in the stainless steel pan and evaporate into flavorful steam and smoke. A center channel in the pan conveys excess fats and marinades to a drain valve. You control the amount of drippings in the pan by opening or closing the valve. Pour in a couple of beers, soft drinks, or fruit juice to add flavor to roasts, game, and fowl.

This cart mount grill allows you to choose the base that will fit your lifestyle best. Select a stainless steel base for a sleek, modern look or choose a molded black base to keep a uniform look. You can also select from bases that have a storage door. All of the bases include four removable casters that allow you to move the grill around your patio and store it easily.


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