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Legacy Cook Number Gas Grill & Cabinet - 24"
Item#: 27000215

The Legacy Cook Number Gas Grill & Cabinet - 24" features convection efficiently that lets one burner cook like five! Cook Number technology allows you to cook like a pro - one dial does it all. A built-in probe and 10 precision setting makes it easy for you to grill, sear, roast, and bake anything perfectly!


  • Exclusive Air Rotisserie System - convection currents superheat the air - moving the heat, not the meat
  • Even Heat Convection technology means even heating - no hot and cold spots
  • 625 sq. inches of cooking surface including warming rack

Cook Number Grills are made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and last for years. They're constructed with the finest materials and tested to ANSI Standards. Quality and style —the Cook Number Grill has it all.


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