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Lynx 27" Built-In Gas BBQ Grill
Item#: 4140001

Achieve your maximum grilling performance and enjoyment with the Lynx 27" Built-In Gas BBQ Grill. This grill comes in three combinations - standard, rotisserie, or rotisserie with a ProSear burner! With these types of options, your grilling preference is attainable.


  • 68 sq. in. cooking surface (470 primary, 215 secondary)
  • Temperature gauge
  • Removable large-capacity smoker box
  • Stainless steel grilling grates
  • Ceramic briquettes facilitate even radiant heat distribution

The cast brass burners offer an extremely even cooking temperature. The design of the cast brass burners holds and radiates heat effectively. The burners are tough and less prone to corrosion because of the brass construction. They're also restaurant commercial grade.

Mix up your cooking style with the brass burner and the infrared ProSear burner. The ProSear burner offers restaurant-quality searing performance and 48,000 BTUs of cooking power combined with the brass burner. Unlike many grills with infrared searing burners that only offer two settings – hi or off – this ProSear infrared burner is variable, allowing you to sear a filet mignon like the restaurant or throttle it back to cook delicate seafoods. The ProSear model also includes a dual-position internal rotisserie with heavy-duty, three-speed motor and rear infrared burner.

The ceramic briquettes are used above the brass burners. These briquettes are durable, high-density ceramic and are held in position by simple stainless steel clips. The combination of the cast brass burners and the ceramic briquette array makes for an extremely even cooking temperature and reduces flare ups by keeping grease and oil away from the direct flame.

The hot surface ignition system is one of the most critical components in any grill. The advanced system of the Lynx 27" Built-In Gas BBQ Grill ensures safe and efficient grill ignition by using a hot element positioned directly above the burner port to ignite. Light each burner with the push of a knob - each valve is equipped with an auto ignition function.

The integrated illumination lighting will allow you to cook at night. The interior lights are 12-volt halogen with a heavy-duty ceramic lens that is located directly over the grilling surface. The blue LED lights light up the control knobs, allowing you to see everything you need when using the grill at night.

To maintain an even and consistent temperature within the grill, this unit is designed with a firebox baffle on the hood. This patented design stabilizes grill surface temperatures by deflecting the wind and allowing the grill to vent properly; it stabilizes critical grill surface temperatures when cooking with the grill lid closed in windy conditions.


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