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PGS A-Series A30 Grill - Natural Gas
Item#: 4080073

The PGS A-Series A30 Grill - Natural Gas is a stainless steel grill that can be finished with different bases. The heavy duty grill is designed with a side shelf, giving the cook a place for condiments or serving dishes. On either side of the three-burner grill head is an attached handle, making it easy to open and close safely. This well-designed lid provides a shield for the 330 sq. in. of cooking surface, protecting it from weather conditions. Providing over 30,000 BTUs, this grill has a lot of potential, and its 121 sq. in. of warming racks gives it more convenience than expected.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Provides 30,000 BTUs
  • 330 sq. in. of cooking surface
  • Choose from six base options
  • Uses natural gas

Now that you have found the right grill for your backyard, choose the right base for it! This powerful grill has six base options to choose from, giving you the flexibility of making it stationary or portable.

Using a 48" permanent post is the perfect option for those who know exactly what they want; it's designed to position the aluminum grill base into a concrete foundation. The 24" post and base option is perfect for any patio or outdoor entertainment area, taking up minimal space, while remaining durable and sturdy with its aluminum construction. Having a thick base gives the patio base phenomenal sturdiness, and its black or stainless steel pedestal options provide a perfect match for your decor. The portable base is mounted on four locking wheels, making it easy to move from the garage to the patio, while safely locking it in place. This portable grill will perfectly match your backyard decor with its black or stainless steel options.


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