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32" Terra Nova Auto Ignition Commercial Fire & Water Bowl
Item#: N4502312

Transcend expectations with the 32" Terra Nova Auto Ignition Commercial Fire & Water Bowl. This alluring fire feature combines the fundamental elements of fire and water together into one display, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor space, pool, or patio. Guests will love the glowing, dancing flames accompanied by the soothing waterfall.


  • Glass-fiber reinforced concrete mix
  • Commercial grade stainless steel burner
  • Heat output of 60,000-80,000 BTUs
  • Water Flow of 10-12 gpm
  • Choose automatic or manual ignition

The Terra Nova Concrete Gas Fire and Water Bowl is built from a strong glass-fiber reinforced concrete mix that creates excellent durability. The bowl itself has received a number of hand stains and washes before being finished with a wax seal to provide lasting shine. Choose either manual or automatic ignition for this fire and water bowl, as well as other options below.


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