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45" Grand Curacoa Auto Ignition Commercial Fire Pit - Copper
Item#: N4500744

The time has come to redefine your outdoor room. Refusing to sacrifice style for substance, the 45" Grand Curacoa Auto Ignition Commercial Fire Pit - Copper is a fine example of intelligent innovation. Hand crafted from high quality copper, this fire pit has been showcased in restaurants, hotels, and many home and garden magazines, shedding light on what it takes to make a truly sophisticated fire feature.


  • Designers Top Choice
  • commercial grade stainless steel burner
  • Burns up to 120,000 BTUs
  • CSA automated burner system for easy ignition
  • Utilizes a handmade copper bowl

Each unit is CSA/AGA tested and approved. The rigorous wind, rain and high temperature tests are performed on every unit and ensure quality and safety. The commercial units include a safety pipe train that has also been tested with the unit before it is delivered to you. This pipe train is tied into the gas line and fire pit electronically; it has two valves that does not allow the gas flow to continue while the system is turned off. This component ensures that there is no chance of the fire pit being turned on or igniting while the system is turned off.

Equipped with a commercial grade stainless steel burner, the 45" Grand Curacoa Auto Ignition Commercial Fire Pit - Copper comes with a CSA Approved electronic ignition system for an added convenience and flare. In order to ensure consistently reliable ignition, the stainless steel burner ring hood must be pre-configured between either fireglass or lava rock. Once your decision is made, this unit is easily used with the fire media of your choice – and for added peace of mind, all burner and mechanical parts are covered under a one year warranty.

For 0.25” – 0.5” fireglass, a protective fireglass screen is recommended to ensure that no glass slips down into the base of the fire pit. Also, for additional safety, a low voltage electronic shut-off valve is available for all propane units to protect against any wear or leaks that could otherwise be dangerous.


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