Swiss Grill Cover for Zurich Built-In 6 Burner Grill
Item#: 47200035

The Swiss Grill Cover for Zurich Built-In 6 Burner Grill is an accessory that any Swiss Grill-owner, who desires to protect their new quality product, must have.


  • Weatherproof grill cover
  • Designed to fit your grill
  • Made with special Polyester/Rubber fabric
  • Silk Screen Swiss Grill logo

The weatherproof barbecue cover is made to keep your Swiss Grill from rusting or discoloration from the weather. The material is a specially designed Polyester/Rubber fabric and has been tailored to fit your grill precisely.

This Swiss Grill cover is the perfect answer to keeping your grill protected and clean. It's black color is a perfect match with any outdoor kitchen area, and it can easily be stored in the double doors that you may have under your grill. Keep the grill that you love in perfect condition to help it last forever and look stunning.


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