Vermont Castings Deluxe Cover for 5-Burner BBQ Grill
Item#: 3900097

The Vermont Castings Deluxe Cover for 5-Burner BBQ Grill is a wonderful grill accessory that assists in the process of keeping your grill protected. The weatherproof canvas barbecue cover is made to prevent your 5-burner barbecue grill from rusting or experiencing discoloration from the weather. The cover is made to have constant airflow, preventing mildew from building up in the grill by having ventilation.


  • Weatherproof canvas cover
  • Black color
  • Prevents mildew

The canvas barbecue cover is just what you need to keep your new grill protected and clean. It's black color is a perfect match with any outdoor kitchen area, and it can easily be stored in the double doors that you may have under your grill. Keep your impressive grill in perfect condition, making it last longer and look amazing.


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