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Bull Outdoor Master-Q Grilling Island w/Built-In Grill
Item#: 3220180

With the Bull Outdoor Master-Q Grilling Island w/Built-In Grill you will become the master griller and entertainer! This grilling island is designed with customizing in mind, allowing you to maximize the optional upgrades. With a grilling island in your backyard you will have the ultimate barbeque experience. The Master-Q offers 19.89 square feet of working space and comes complete with the Angus Built-In Grill, a stainless steel access door and custom base and countertops.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Brahma or Premium 7-Burner Built-In Grills
  • Storage drawers or combo units
  • Radio/CD player with speakers
  • GFCI outlet

The construction of this grilling island features galvanized steel countertops finished with your choice of porcelain tile or upgraded granite. Porcelain tile is fired hotter and therefore is a denser material. This ensures that no moisture gets into the tile, meaning it can be left out in most conditions year round and maintains its color and structural integrity. The base features a solid finished bottom with trex base protection strips with galvanized tracking and galvanized steel sheet metal on the interior and outdoor rated non-flammable cement board finished with stucco or upgraded rock. The galvanized metal is rust-resistant, easy to cut, mold or install if you modify the island. The island will be delivered with the base and countertop together, but the counter can be removed in one piece for easier installation.

Having an outdoor kitchen opens up new possibilities in the world of outdoor cooking. Prepare full meals and take advantage of all the amenities offered with this grilling island for cooking and entertainment purposes.

Note: Some components may experience corrosion when used in or near a saltwater environment.


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