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96" Auto Ignition Commercial Linear Burner
Item#: N4500822

Customize your fire feature with the 96" Auto Ignition Commercial Linear Burner. This linear burner will allow you to design your own fire table, fireplace, fire pit or landscape feature! This burner incorporates a full automation operation using a UL Listed control panel and CSA Approved burner assembly with flame monitoring technology.


  • Burner Length: 96"
  • Outer Mount: 104" x 10"
  • Inner Mount: 108" x 13"
  • Heat Output: 210,000 BTUs

Fabricated from high grade 304 stainless steel this unit is CSA/AGA tested and approved. The rigorous wind, rain and high temperature tests are performed on every unit and ensure quality and safety.

This burner is a packaged unit that includes the control panel, subpanel and support plate with the burner for easy installation. The subpanel can be mounted on the inner side of the unit or outer side. If the subpanel is going to be mounted on the inside cavity of the fire pit there needs to be proper venting to avoid overheating; if it is mounted on the outside there must be enough drainage so the subpanel does not flood. The subpanel includes 5' of wiring to run underground to where you mount the subpanel, the outer mount includes a stainless steel cover.

The commercial units include a safety pipe train that has also been tested with the unit before it is delivered to you. This pipe train is tied into the gas line and fire pit electronically; it has two valves that does not allow the gas flow to continue while the system is turned off. This component ensures that there is no chance of the fire pit being turned on or igniting while the system is turned off.

The control panel allows you to operated the unit remotely from any home or pool operating system. Add a hand held remote to control from around the outdoor living area or add a timer to set the unit to turn off automatically after 30 minutes of use.


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