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Brand: AOG Grills

American Outdoor Grills, or AOG, has found the perfect balance between stylish design and cutting edge performance. AOG Grills has earned the reputations being one of the most well build grills available on the market today. Made in California, these grills are backed by 65 years experience in the barbeque manufacturing industry. Choose an AOG grill, and choose an industry leader.

Brand: Alfa Pizza Ovens

Modern design meets authentic Italian wood fired cooking with the Alfa Pizza Ovens. Because these wood burning outdoor ovens employ a combination of radiant, conduction, and convection cooking, you can use them to bake flaky croissants, roast root vegetables, and braise lamb. Wood fired cooking isn't just for pizza anymore!

Brand: BeefEater Grills

A truly great barbeque is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Beefeater barbeques are just that, combining great looks with highly functional parts. These beauties are sure to impress family and friends with good look and succulent flavors. Choose a Beefeater and discover the classic Australian barbeque.

Brand: Broilmaster Grills

Voted Best All-Purpose Grill by Money Magazine, the Broilmaster line of grills is sure to have a model that suits your needs! With more than 40 years of experience, Broilmaster has built a reputation for making high-quality, durable gas grills packed with innovative features. When you purchase a Broilmaster Grill, you become part of the family.

Brand: Bull Outdoor Grills

Bull Outdoor Grills first developed the concept of outdoor barbecue islands. Each of their award willing grills is designed, engineered and master crafted with the finest materials available. Bull Outdoor Grills offers a wide variety of products for the grilling enthusiast. Whether you're in search of barbecue accessories or entire bar centers, Bull Outdoor Grills has what you need to match your grilling quarters with those of professional chefs.

Brand: Buschbeck Grills

Buschbeck Grills are legendary for their series of outdoor fireplace grills - each one created with the European standard for quality and design. Because of their adherence to green technology and commitment to renewable energy, Buschbeck Grills can be simultaneously popular and socially responsible. When you choose Buschbeck Grills, you're choosing a company dedicated to beautiful design and outstanding craftsmanship.

Brand: Cal Flame Grills

Cal Flame Grills are the latest in home resort products designed to make each day a vacation. With their stainless steel and double-walled construction, infrared back burner and grill lights, they’re designed for convenience and top chef standards. These grills are created to fit in Cal Flame BBQ carts or islands and have between three and five burners.

Brand: Chicago Brick Oven

Create a premier outdoor kitchen space with a wood-fired brick oven from Chicago Brick Ovens. They've created these units by taking the best of modern technology to complement a time-tested original design used in ancient Roman, Peruvian, and Turkish cultures. These outdoor brick ovens are made in the USA and perfect for seasoned cooking enthusiasts and backyard BBQ novices alike.

Brand: FireMagic Grills

Choose FireMagic Grill and grill like a professional Chef. Once you cook on a Firemagic Grill, you’ll be hooked. Firemagic has been producing high quality gas grills for over 70 years, and it shows. These grills are literally the hottest available, with a 1000 degree difference between the high and low setting. Do anything from slow cooking to searing meat and locking in the natural juices. Go pro with FireMagic!

Brand: Lion Grills

At Lion Grills, they know it’s all about having options. That’s why these grills are the perfect addition to any backyard entertainment area. With their 304 stainless steel construction and 830 square inches of cooking space, you’ll be treated to the ultimate grilling experience. Lion Grills also come with an adjustable warming rack and rotisserie burner.

Brand: Louisiana Grills

Don your chef's hat and fire up the BBQ with one of these Louisiana Grills. Because they are designed to use convection cooking for even grilling results, you'll be able to smoke, sear, grill, or bake all your favorite foods on one convenient outdoor appliance. Even better, its chimneyless design will give your food that woodsmoked barbecue flavor every time.

Brand: Lynx Grills

Since their advent, Lynx has held a commitment to innovation and fine craftsmanship. Since 1996, they’ve made a name for themselves in the outdoor kitchen and BBQ island industry, their built-in grills a top brand in the business. When you purchase a Lynx grill, you’re guaranteeing a great cooking experience.

Brand: MHP Grills

Enjoy the flavor of charcoal cooking and the convenience of a kitchen oven with an outdoor gas barbecue from MHP Grills. MHP Grills designs its products to enrich your backyard environment and compliment your lifestyle. Don't let the weather stand in the way of a great barbecue; MHP Grills has the perfect all-weather grill that with allow you to enjoy the summer tradition all year round.

Brand: Memphis Grills

Memphis Grills are a 3-in-1 cooking center, featuring a high temperature grill, high performance convection oven and slow-cooking smoker. With an excellent heavy-duty stainless steel construction and Made in the USA craftsmanship, you’ll realize that these grills are at the top of their class.

Brand: Napoleon Grills

With their sleek stainless steel construction and LIFTEASE lids, Napoleon Grills will make preparing summer meals fun again. These grills come with a range of burner options; purchasers can chose from outfitting their grills with three to seven burners. They all also have an electronic ignition system, making it easy for anyone to cook on these grills.

Brand: PGS Grills

PGS Grills are designed for durability and a sleek, modern look. All grills have full-width attached handles on the front and are outfitted with rear infrared burners. They're also constructed from stainless steel, making them easy to clean and long-lasting.

Brand: Phoenix Grills

If you're looking for diversity in your grilling experience, choose Phoenix Grills. Whether you're looking to steam some crab legs or grill a Porterhouse steak, Phoenix Grills has you covered; each of their American-made grills is designed for searing and roasting, steaming and smoking. With their non flare-up drip pan design and dual temperature control, both the apprentice and the master griller will enjoy the simplicity and expert cooking features that Phoenix Grills has to offer.

Brand: Primo Grills

With the patented unique oval shape of Primo Grills & Smokers, you’ll be able have a great flexibility in your cooking methods. By simply using their divider plate, you can grill a steak over direct heat on one side and cook chicken with indirect heat on the other. Primo Grills are also the only ceramic grill that’s made in the USA.

Brand: ProFire Grills

ProFire Grills wants you to use your imagination in creating your ideal home grilling environment. Each of their grills can be built into brick, stone or stucco enclosures, and by using the patented insulated sleeve, ProFire Grills even allows you to construct your enclosure out of wood. With your purchase of a ProFire Grills product, you're assured long-term performance and a lifetime of reliable use.

Brand: Saffire Grills

Whether you're a barbecuing novice or champion smoking expert, Saffire Grills offers you true versatility with their kamado style grills. Saffire Grills can be used as three cookers in one; hotter temperatures for searing, lower temperatures for long-term smoking, and excellent heat radiation for use as an oven. With its tight seal, heavy ceramic construction, and precision flame control, Saffire Grills produces gourmet results every time.

Brand: Solaire Grills

Solaire grills are more than just another stainless grill. Considered the “Muscle Car” of gas grills, Solaire features a rocet under the hood-the Solaire Infrared Burner. This superior burner gives you the high heat necessary to lock in the juices for tastier, more flavorful food. Preheating in only 3 minutes, and cooking twice as fast as a traditional burner system, you’ll be finishing dessert before the neighbors even start to eat.

Brand: The Outdoor GreatRoom Grills

Focusing on sophisticated living and elegant designs, The Outdoor GreatRoom provides everything you'll need to create your dream outdoor room. The Outdoor GreatRoom designs, manufactures and sells products such as grills, fire pits and outdoor kitchens for your ideal outdoor living space. If you're looking to add luxury to a space that's large or small, The Outdoor GreatRoom has you covered.

Brand: Vintage Grills

With their sleek line of grills, side burners, carts and refrigeration units, Vintage Grills offers a selection of products that is at once sophisticated and well-designed. Grills have stainless steel construction and choice of NG/LP configuration.

Built In Grills: BeefEater

A truly great barbeque is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Beefeater barbeques are just that, combining great looks with highly functional parts. These beauties are sure to impress family and friends with good look and succulent flavors. Choose a Beefeater and discover the classic Australian barbeque.

Built-In BBQ Grills

Built-in BBQ grills, also known as drop-In grills, are inserted into an existing structure such as a barbecue island. These grills can come in a number of fuel types depending on your configuration, including natural gas, propane, electric, and wood fired grills. Whatever your plan, Woodland Direct has the built-in grill for you.

Built-In Grills: FireMagic

Choose FireMagic Grill and grill like a professional Chef. Once you cook on a Firemagic Grill, you’ll be hooked. Firemagic has been producing high quality gas grills for over 70 years, and it shows. These grills are literally the hottest available, with a 1000 degree difference between the high and low setting. Do anything from slow cooking to searing meat and locking in the natural juices. Go pro with FireMagic!

Ceramic Kamado Grills

Proclaimed by enthusiasts to be the Best Barbeque in the World, Kamado Style Grills have a large and passionate following. Now made with thick Ceramic walls, Kamado style cookers are known for their versatility and even cooking. You can easily control the heat to do everything from smoking at low temperatures to searing at high temperatures.

Charcoal Grills

For the barbeque purist, only the smoky flavor of the Charcoal Grill will do. Charcoal Grills offer a consistent and specific temperature. Charcoal is easily moved around in the firebox to achieve different cooking methods and direct the heat exactly where it is needed. Often, charcoal grills can offer the same size cooking surface at a cost that is lower than the gas alternative.

Electric Grills

Electric Grills are no longer just for those who cannot use a gas or charcoal barbeque. Convenience and savings make the electric grill an exciting option in the world of barbecue grills. No longer worry about your propane levels or the cost to refill you tank. Electric Grills are cost effective and convenient, heating up quickly and producing no fumes.

Fire Magic BBQ Grill Sale

Choose FireMagic Grill and grill like a professional Chef. Once you cook on a Firemagic Grill, you’ll be hooked. Firemagic has been producing high quality gas grills for over 70 years, and it shows. These grills are literally the hottest available, with a 1000 degree difference between the high and low setting. Do anything from slow cooking to searing meat and locking in the natural juices. Go pro with FireMagic!

Gas BBQ Grills

Gas Grills are among the most popular on the market for a number of reasons, convenience being chief among them. No other cooking method can match the convenience of a Gas Grill. Easy to light, and up to temperature in minutes, the gas grill is a great choice for those who want to cook right now. Often, cleanup is easier with a gas grill. Choose from Propane or Natural Gas.

Grill Covers

Now that you have found the perfect BBQ Grill don't let the elements corrode it. Our covers are designed to protect your grill from all that mother nature can throw at it. And with our great selection you will even fins a cover that will match your outdoor decor.

Grill Type - Cart Mount Grills

Large Cart Mounted Grills offer great Cooking Area, ample storage and the convenience of easy movement. For those that aren’t interested in building a permanent island structure, the Cart Mount Grill is the perfect option. Enjoy all of the conveniences of the outdoor kitchen, while keeping the ability to wheel it all indoors in inclement weather. Also allow versatility in the placement of your grill and outdoor cooking setup.

Grill Type - Portable Grills

Portable grills are perfect for situations that a normal grill is too large to bring along. Portable Grills share many of the same features with their larger counterparts. Portable grills are most commonly fueled by charcoal, lump charcoal, or propane cylinders. Grill anywhere you want to, including at the park, camping or tailgate parties. Portable grills are also great when cooking for a smaller group, so that fuel is not wasted heating up a large grill only to use a small portion of it.

Grill Type - Post Mount Grills

Post Mounted Grills offer a sturdy and permanent installation for your outdoor grilling pleasure. If you don’t have a need or desire to store things beneath your barbeque, or you are short on space, the post mounted Grill may be the perfect grill for your outdoor cooking situation.

Grill Width - 0-30 in

Get ready for intimate outdoor gatherings with any of these multifaceted Stainless Steel Grills. With their compact construction, they're ideal for apartment and condo residents, or anyone looking to save a little space. Mount Grills also offer the best of both worlds with their classic design and easy portability.

Grill Width - 30-40 in

Whether you're looking for something portable or something to be built into a Custom Grilling Island, you'll find it here. These grills are built with versatility and durability in mind, providing cooking features that any serious griller would want. Added side shelves on some models give you plenty of space for prepping your favorite foods.

Grill Width - 40-50 in

These grills are sleek and durable, with multiple models obtainable depending on your desired amenities. Grills are available as build-in models or portable designs. Since each of these grills was created with the griller in mind, you'll find that they're durable, versatile and easy to use.

Grill Width - 50 in and Above

With grills like these, you'll be able to have the whole neighborhood over for a backyard barbecue. These grills make it simple for you to grill, sear, roast and bake anything flawlessly. Because of their side burners, temperature gauges, and warming racks, these grills are a favorite of any host.

Grilling Accessories

Every grill is incomplete without the compliment of Grilling Accessories. Shed some light on your nighttime grilling endeavors with a grilling lamp. Roast chicken or turkey on a rotisserie, or cover your grill from the elements with durable weatherproof materials. From simple BBQ tools like stainless spatulas, tongs and forks to digital wireless thermometers, Woodland Direct has a full range of accessories to make your grilling experience even better.

Grilling Area - 0-300 sq. in.

Make your small outdoor area pop by adding some of these Outdoor Kitchen products. Combine purpose and polished design with one of our premier Fireplace Grills. Opt for an Electric Table Top Grill or Charcoal Smoker and your mouth will be watering in no time. You also have the choice of several sleek Grilling Islands that will transform your backyard into a grilling oasis.

Grilling Area - 300-600 sq. in.

Whether you're dreaming about creating your own built-in grilling structure or are looking to find the quintessential free standing performance Cart Grill, you'll be impressed with this selection. Here, you'll find everything from small Pedestal Grills to larger Outdoor Portable Grills, complete with individual rotisseries. You may even want to try our Rotisserie Grill, designed especially for cooking adaptability and durability.

Grilling Area - 600-900 sq. in.

Make your own Italian pizza anytime you want with one of these rustic Brick Ovens, excellent for cooking traditional flat-breads and other artisan baked goods. Our Brick Ovens are available in a variety of sizes and designs to compliment your specific preference. Multiple grills are also available with options for Side Burners, a Rotisserie or different build-in enhancements.

Grilling Area - 900 sq. in. and Above

These champion grills are built for efficiency, enjoyment, and innovation. Each of these grills is designed with versatility in mind. Whether you're looking to add a built-in grill to your outdoor living area or want to incorporate a Brick Oven in a backyard nook, our wide selection is constructed from the finest materials and modern design.

Grilling Charcoal & Fuels

Different varieties of Charcoal can lend different flavors to your outdoor grilling. Add mesquite or cherry wood chips to your fire to create a pleasing aroma and subtle differences in taste to your next meal. For ceramic grills, lump charcoal is a useful alternative to charcoal briquettes. It starts easily, burns clean, and can even get hotter than briquettes when enough oxygen is present.

Outdoor Cookers

Whether you enjoy grilling for two or preparing full-scale dinner parties with the convenience of your outdoor kitchen, the Outdoor Cookers category has everything you’ll need for a party. From steam pots, skillet sets and dutch ovens to turkey fry pots for a new alternative to your classic Thanksgiving dinner, many of these outdoor cooking accessories are perfect for camping or backyard use.

Pellet BBQ Grills

With the addition of one of these pellet grills in your backyard, you'll enjoy the versatility and flavor of cooking with hardwood. BBQ wood pellets come in a variety of flavors like hickory, cherry, and mesquite so that you can turn an ordinary cut of meat into something special. Because of their high quality construction, you'll find it simple to smoke, grill or roast many different foods on these pellet grills.


Use a BBQ Smoker and inject some serious taste into your cooking! Smokers cook with an indirect heat and smoke for a “low and slow” methodology that locks flavor in. With a smoker, it’s also simple to tweak taste by adding different types of wood or woodchips. Many consider smoking a healthier option for cooking, since it is a closed method rather than open air. For example, when cooking vegetables, flavor and nutrients are trapped inside.

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