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Firebuggz 48" Original Log Lugger
Item#: 48300006

The Firebuggz 48" Original Log Lugger is a perfect addition to your Fire Pit and Camping needs. Never worry again about that utter disappointment when you see that hard to find just right fire stick cracking and burning in the fire pit. You can never mistake the Log Lugger for the perfect kindling. Convenient for building and rearranging your fire, its perfect for the pyro's in your family.


  • Easy to Use
  • 48” long, made of durable steel construction
  • Powder Coat Finish, with two Comfort Grips
  • Black & Red High Heat Paint

The Firebuggz 48" Original Log Lugger is easy to use for moving logs, weeds, and brush. Light weight for ease of use and taking with you camping, outdoor bonfire, in your wood burning fireplace or just around the fire pit at home.


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