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Firebuggz Fire Fishing Pole
Item#: 48300026

Much more fun than hunting for sticks, now you can cook those hotdogs and marshmallows safely and easily while having loads of fun. Firebuggz Fire Fishing Pole you will fill like a real fisherman, but no worms required. To cook your treats evenly you just jig it like you would a real fishing pole and your food flips to the other side.


  • Looks and feels like a Fishing Pole
  • Stainless Steel Hook with Maple Handle
  • Wash with Soap & Water
  • Quick Flick of the Wrist and your food flips over
  • 4 Colors Available

Kids and kids at heart will enjoy roasting their food as master Fire Fisherman. Roast your Marshmallows or Hotdogs evenly with an easy flick of the wrist to jig your line and flip your food over for even cooking.


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