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Firebuggz Wood Grill Scraper
Item#: 48300014

Never worry about that caked on grease and gunk on your grill or pans again with the Firebuggz Wood Grill Scraper. Made of oak this scraper can take on multiple tasks, use it as a grill scraper, pan scraper, cutting board or hot pad. Its compact size makes it easy to pack, travel with and store, a necessary addition to your culinary tool collection.


  • Made of Natural Oak with Butcher Block Finish
  • Use it as a Hot Pad, Grill & Pan Scraper, & Cutting Board
  • Lightweight, Easy to Store, Pack, & Travel with
  • Convenient Handle for Easy Gripping and Use

Every outdoor cook needs one of these Firebuggz Wood Grill Scraper, which provides that always much needed space for cutting and preparing, or a place to place those hot pans. After the cooking is done, you can use your handy cutting board to scrape the excess food from your pans and grill.


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