Outdoor Fireplace Chimney Extension
Item#: 3640018

So you’ve got your Buschbeck outdoor fireplace grill, and it’s everything you dreamed it would be: it’s durable, attractive, and an excellent wood burning product. Now there’s just one problem – like many outdoor grills, if the altitude is right, you may need a stronger draft to ensure that smoke is going up through the chimney, and not out the front of it. That’s where the Outdoor Fireplace Chimney Extension can help.


  • Adds stronger chimney draft
  • Steel reinforced concrete
  • Can help meet zoning codes
  • Fits Buschbeck outdoor fireplace grills

Fulfilling your Buschbeck unit with a grander, more stoic appeal, this Outdoor Fireplace Chimney Extension will go the extra mile to help fight downdrafts and keep your fireplace grill burning the right way. As an added bonus, in areas where zoning codes may require a higher chimney, this extension will assist you in meeting local requirements, keeping you and your neighborhood a safe place to live.


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