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Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

Bring convenience home to your outdoor living space with one of these Outdoor Fireplace Accessories. We've designed this elite collection of grill racks, fireplace tools, cleaner, and fireplace grates to help make your life easier. So, go ahead - indulge! This will be one purchase you don't regret.

Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplaces

When it comes to finding your own quiet space for rest and relaxation, there is no substitute for the calm of the outdoor fireside. The charisma of spiced firewood on the grate, the ebb and flow of smoke and smolder, and classic charm of sparks climbing the night sky – this is the heart of the changing season, waiting for you right here, where you belong.

Wood Burning BBQ Fireplaces

At Woodland Direct, we spend a lot of time focused on finding the right wood burning grills, and with good reason – after all, a stoked fire and a consistent temperature is at the core of what makes our selection great. We’ve scoured the market for products that work easy and burn smart, making sure that getting your steaks right isn’t left up to chance – it’s up to you.

Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace Inserts

Easily installed and specifically designed to withstand the wear of the elements, our line of outdoor wood burning fireplace inserts are on the cutting edge of style and function. It’s time to bring the warmth and comfort of a real wood burning fire outside the boundaries of convention, without losing what makes it something timeless.

Outdoor Modular Masonry Fireplaces

Quench your DIY spirit by purchasing one of these Outdoor Modular Masonry Fireplaces. With variety of sizes and designs to choose from, you'll find models perfect for every landscape or room. These artistic stonework fireplaces have both indoor and outdoor models available, keeping your living area unique, while saving time and money.

Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

Heating was meant to go beyond the home – and today, with the advent of the outdoor gas burning fireplace, that journey has never been easier. Employing the convenience of natural gas and liquid propane, outdoor gas burners set the stage for late-night talks and comfortable evenings, not constrained by the tending and stoking of a wood burning fireplace.

Outdoor Gas Firebox Inserts

If an empty fire box is the question, we’ve got the answer – simple to install and easier to enjoy, gas firebox inserts are a clever way to make use of your best potential. All it takes is the initiative to act: simply drop your firebox into the open space, connect your gas line, and you’ll have the fire burning in no time at all. You can rest in the knowledge that we do this all the time – and we’ll be here to help you, every step of the way.

Outdoor Linear Fireplaces

Designed with simple ideals, our collection of outdoor linear fireplaces achieve a spotless romance in their use of clean lines, sharp angles, and definitive surfaces. Fire was never meant to be captured, it was meant to be explored – come enjoy a world where your fireplace is the frame, and the flames are a living, breathing canvas.

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Custom build a grand fireplace to meet your highest expectations, just call us! Add a unique charm to your yard or commercial property with a custom fire pit or fireplace. Create your dream outdoor fireplace to last a lifetime call today, 800.919.1904

The Outdoor GreatRoom Fireplaces

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