Ronda Basic Triple Drawers
Item#: 3930006

The Ronda Basic Triple Drawers are a new enhancement to your continuously improving outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. These convenient drawers have been built with self-supporting structures and full length tracks,giving you a perfect storage area to organize your supplies. Being constructed with heavy duty stainless steel, the triple drawers are an addition to your kitchen that have a long-lasting style.


  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Full length tracks and hermetic closure
  • Perfect for storing BBQ utensils or canned goods

These drawers were constructed with magnetic gaskets, which give them the feature of hermetic closure, and take away the worry that your drawers did not close all the way. Being a helpful addition to your outdoor kitchen area, the triple drawer set is specifically designed to fit items such as barbecue utensils, canned goods, or pasta boxes. Now you can keep your supplies right where you need it, and avoid going in and out of the house repeatedly.


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