Ronda Insulated Single Drawer
Item#: 3930001

The Ronda Insulated Single Drawer is the perfect way to enhance your outdoor kitchen's abilities and appearance. This insulated drawer is enclosed, having a watertight inside box. This allows you to keep all of your favorite drinks ice cold without experiencing the mess that melting ice can create. The heavy duty stainless steel drawer also has an insulated front, keeping cold or hot air from escaping out the front when the drawer is open or closed. Rather than refilling a cooler by the pool, you can use this insulated drawer to keep drinks or food cold for you and your guests all day long. It's stainless steel material gives it a modern and finished look that no cooler can provide.


  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Insulated box and front side
  • Watertight inside box
  • Full length tracks and hermetic closure

Built with 304 stainless steel and full length tracks, this addition to your outdoor kitchen is easy to open and close regardless of how much material it contains. The insulated drawer is also featured with hermetic closure, automatically closing completely due to it's magnetic gasket. Now, because the drawer closes on it's own, you do not have worry about checking that your toddler closed it all the way. Enjoy your time in the yard while knowing that you have a quality space for your drinks and cold foods.


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