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Napoleon Flat Edge Triple Drawer with Curved Handle
Item#: 3550754

The Napoleon Flat Edge Triple Drawer with Curved Handle is an incredible accessory to any outdoor kitchen or grilling island, providing the area with several benefits. This stainless steel kitchen component provides a convenient home for grilling utensils or canned goods that are often used during preparation. With it's stainless steel construction and weatherproof materials, this triple drawer is extremely durable!


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Provides 3 convenient storage areas
  • Full-width stainless steel handle

Being constructed with 3 full-width handles gives the drawers a finished look that adds a sophistication to your entertainment area. These heavy duty drawers have full-length track systems that make them easy to open and close, giving their contents easy accessibility. Give your outdoor island a mini makeover with these handsome stainless steel components.


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