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Sunstone Flush Single Access Drawer - 17"
Item#: 47300053

Add elegance to your outdoor kitchen island with the Sunstone Flush Single Access Drawer - 17". This single access drawer is enhanced with horizontal polished accents and a large well-finished front, proving that practicality and sophisticated charm can coexist. Further selling its appeal, this single access set of drawers is crafted from sturdy 304 stainless steel and has been designed with a secure closing weatherized seal for areas with harsh winter weather.


  • Cut-out dimensions: 14.75" W x 7" H
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Weatherized construction
  • Completely sealed drawer box
  • Fits flush against island exterior

The Sunstone Flush Single Access Drawer - 17" exhibits a seamless design and outstanding durability. The deep drawer space will add room for extra towels, grilling tools, and marinades, while its fully sealed and weatherized drawer box protects the unit from inclement weather.

The frame of the Sunstone Flush Single Access Drawer - 17" secures flush against the island's exterior. Because of this, it'll fit against a variety of exteriors - everything from a semi-rough stucco finish to smooth beveled stone.


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