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Mirage Stone Outdoor Gas Burning Fireplace
Item#: 1700050

The Mirage Stone Outdoor Gas Burning Fireplace is the best value outdoor fireplace available today. This unit features a simple, yet effective, interlocking construction that can be sealed with the included 10' gasketing to ensure the elimination of smoke escaping the the unit's seams. Depending on your motif and size of project you plan to execute, the Mirage Stone Outdoor Fireplace can be used “as is” in its natural manufactured block finish state. If the presence of seams and rough molded block is not your taste, you can have the unit finished with stucco or equivalent finishing material. For the look of an estate home, these units look great finished with brick or cultured stone.

The Mirage Stone Outdoor Gas Burning Fireplace is constructed using a patented, light weight, yet durable heat-dissipating “stone” material. Due to the nature of the molding process, the integrity of the components' size, shape and finish varies from unit to unit. It is critical that the Mirage Stone fireplace be installed on a site prepped level surface. A non-level foundation may cause gaps in the blocks resulting in smoke escaping from its seams.


  • Ready for gas
  • Utilizes a powder coated steel door system with standard handle designs

Besides coming with an adjustable height BBQ grill, this wood burning unit can even be customized to work with gas logs by use of natural gas or liquid propane. Because of its interlocking design and superior craftsmanship, this fire pit won’t fall apart or fracture – and it’s got the warranty to prove it.

Please Note: The installation of a natural gas line requires a licensed mechanical contractor in most states. Gas log sets are available for natural gas or liquid propane. *Caulking this unit voids the manufacturer warranty*


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