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Rockwood Victorian Fireplace
Item#: 3790170

The Rockwood Victorian Fireplace has been cut and chiseled to perfection, carefully assembled one brick at a time to achieve a kind of masonry touch that can’t be faked. At over six feet high and four feet wide, the Rockwood Victorian is the capstone of the outdoor room.


  • Dimensions: 52" W x 32" D x 89" H
  • 2.25” firebrick protects the fire box
  • Steel reinforcements ensure stability
  • Super-Stik adhesive won’t degrade under humidity or temperature change

Available in Bluestone, Sante Fe, and Desert, the Victorian Fireplace includes two and a quarter inch firebrick ensuring the durability of the wood burning, gas-ready fire box. With the strength of solid, Super-Stik adhesive assembled stone, this fireplace remains unaltered by the elements, standing just as timeless as the very stone its carved from.

Please Note: Before planning your Victorian Fireplace project, check with your local zoning commission for building restrictions and required construction permits. Also, please be advised that a fork lift is needed at the time of delivery.


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