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Solaira SMaRT Digital Variable Control - 240V/6.0kW
Item#: 2330055

The Solaira SMaRT Digital Variable Control - 240V/6.0kW is a water-resistant control designed to provide energy savings when used with infrared heaters or other heating and lighting products. This controller has a 1-10 step setting, allowing you to find the best comfort setting in your specific area.


  • Digital variable control
  • UL94 Certified enclosure
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Surface mounted
  • Built-in temperature sensor

The controller has a built-in temperature sensor that monitors the temperature and inhibits the heater when the temperature exceeds a pre-determined set point of between 41ºF - 77ºF. The controller can also be fitted with an optional remote location temperature sensor if the controller is in a different area then the heater location.


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