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Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Need a patio heater but don't have much space for one? Then these wall mounted units may be the perfect fit for you. They mount onto the side of your home and provide a heater to large area of your patio.

Unique Designs Patio Heaters

These Unique Design Outdoor Patio Heaters are sure to delight as well as warm any type of gathering. If the winter chill is preventing you from using your outdoor living space, use one of these Unique Designed Patio Heaters to warm you and all your guests.

Tall Patio Heaters

Don’t let the lingering winter chill prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space. One of our tall patio heaters will cut through the chill air and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests. Our Patio Heaters make it possible for you to enjoy your outdoor living space all year round. Enjoy a decorative outdoor lamp available with either electric and propane as the power source.

Table Top Patio Heaters

These patio heaters enable you to use your patio or deck even when the weather has a touch of chill in it. Just place one of these patio heaters in the center of your table and enjoy the radiant heat up to 9ft away from your patio heater.

Sunmaster Patio Heater Collection

The Sunmaster Patio Heater Collection has everything you'll need to take the chill out of your backyard. Sunmaster patio heaters feature exclusive components that make them stand out ahead of the pack. From their "easy-lit" push bottom start and anti-tilt safety switch to the added mobility of a wheeled base, these patio heaters will have you enjoying your outdoor entertainment area straight on through to the winter months.

Stainless Steel Patio Heaters

Our Contemporary Stainless Steel Patio Heaters are stylish as well as functional. Don’t let the never-ending winter chill prevent you from using your outdoor space. One of these Sharp Stainless Steel Patio Heaters will cut through the cool air and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.

Room Heaters

Save money without sacrificing quality by investing in one of these Room Heaters. Each unit will supplement any area of your home or commercial space with safe and comfortable heat at an affordable price. So, turn down the furnace, and lower your heating costs!

Pyramid Style Patio Heaters

Pyramid Style Patio Heaters

Propane Patio Heaters

Gas fueled Patio heaters produce a large amount of heat instantly upon ignition. With these heaters you can extend the usable time of your outdoor living space.

Patio Heaters with Tables

When summer changes into fall and the temperature drops, saddle up to one of these Patio Heaters with Tables. These outdoor heaters come with built-in table tops, creating the perfect ledge to set glasses of sweet tea and salty snacks. With the convenience and versatility of these units, your guests will never want to go inside!

Patio Heaters with Propane Tank Doors

Don't sacrifice style for functionality. With these Patio Heaters with Propane Tank Doors, you'll be able to draw eyes away from bulky tanks by hiding them inside these heating appliances. Doors are hidden or seamlessly integrated into the design for a sleek look.

Patio Heaters $500 - $600

Bring a comfortable warmth to your outdoor living room with these Patio Heaters $500 - $600. With a variety of styles and model types available, you'll be able to find an outdoor heater perfectly suited to your outdoor room.

Patio Heaters $400 - $500

Find an outdoor heating appliance to match your price range with these Patio Heaters $400 - $500. Because these outdoor heaters come in different finishes, models, and sizes, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Patio Heaters $300 - $400

Enjoy your back deck year round with one of these Patio Heaters $300 - $400. Besides being economical on your wallet, these patio heaters come in various designs, sizes and finishes. The available assortment will give you various options to choose from.

Patio Heaters $200 - $300

Warm up your patio, yard or other variation of the outdoor room with these Patio Heaters $250 - $300. With the diverse offering, you'll have multiple options to choose from to meet your specific lifestyle needs.

Patio Heaters $0 - $200

Whether you're looking for a budget table top patio heater or a unit to hang in your Florida room, these Patio Heaters $0 - $200 provide an inexpensive way to warm your outdoor room without sacrificing quality.

Patio Heaters $600 and up

Create an environment of luxury with these Patio Heaters $600 and up. These outdoor heaters will keep you warm through chilly sunrises, under starlit nights, and everything in between.

Patio Heater Sale

Woodland Direct offers the best values in Patio Heating, especially in their Patio Heater Sale. Here, you'll find a large choice of heating units to suit your specific outdoor needs.

Patio Heater Parts & Accessories

Woodland Direct Carries a complete line of Patio Heater Parts and Accessories. Convert your table-top Heater to run off of a full size LP tank as opposed to the disposable propane or butane canisters. Convert to an electric start. Or simply replace easy to install items rather than buy a complete new Patio Heater.

Patio Heater Information

Heating your patio can be a challenge. Here you will find all the information needed to make an informed decision about your outdoor heating solution.

Patio Heater Covers

Keep your patio heater safe from the elements when not in use by covering it with one of our protective covers. We have both full length covers and covers for just the heater element.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Natural Gas fueled Patio heaters produce a large amount of heat instantly upon ignition. With these heaters you can extend the usable time of your outdoor living space.

Most Popular Patio Heaters

View our Best Selling Patio Heaters. These High Value Patio Heaters have earned our customer choice award, by having the best customer rating and customer feedback reviews.

Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters can provide warmth to your outdoor living space throughout the cooler seasons. And they do it with no odor and without any open flames.

Copper Patio Heaters

Add a touch of class to your outdoor living space with one of these Copper Patio Heaters. With their smooth shine and alluring shapes, these patio heaters will take the chill out of the air - and look good doing it!

Commercial Patio Heaters

If you need a patio heater that will last the rugged conditions of a commercial space then these patio heaters are what you are looking for. They have thicker metal shells to handle the more abusive environment. And they also produce a large amount of heat to maximize their heating range and efficiency.

Brand: UFO

With their eco-friendly design and ingenious infrared technology, these UFO patio heaters are incredibly energy efficient. These units can be mounted on the wall or a separate heater stand. These unique patio heaters can be used indoors and out.

Brand: Sunpak

With their stainless steel or aluminized steel bodies, Sunpak linear patio heaters are designed to withstand variable outdoor conditions. Their slim box shape fits easily in many different patio configurations, and the CSA certified design guarantees that these units have been put through rigorous safety testing.

Brand: Sunmaster Patio Heaters

The Sunmaster brand offers a wide variety of patio heaters to choose from - units with different designs, finish options, and heights. From their durable construction to large heat coverage areas, these products have been designed for longevity.

Brand: SunGlo

If you're looking for a commercial grade heating appliance for your outdoor setting, look no further than SunGlo patio heaters. With their heavy duty stainless steel construction and CSA design certification, these heaters are built to last. Best of all, these units are made in the USA.

Brand: Solaira

Solaira patio heaters offer the latest in infrared heating. These units heat up instantly, so that you can immediately enjoy your outdoor space - no matter the temperature! Additionally, these patio heaters come with wall mounts, so you can amplify the amount of floor space in your living area.

Brand: Patio Comfort

These outdoor infrared patio heaters from Patio Comfort are designed to bring warmth and relaxation to your outdoor room. With their many different safety features, including automatic turn-off, these units will allow you to entertain worry-free so that you can be focused on your guests - not your appliances.

Brand: Infratech

Bring the comfort from your indoor entertainment space out under the stars. These patio heaters from Infratech offer versatility, efficiency, and quality unmatched by many in the market. These heaters are over 90% energy efficient and are UL listed for outdoor and indoor use, making them safe and eco-friendly.

Brand: Infinita

Enjoy the crisp fall temperatures late into the season with these patio heaters from Infinita. Between their durable composition and safety protections, these heaters combine practicality with upscale aesthetics, Purchase one of these units from Infinita and add intrigue to any outdoor setting.

Brand: Fire Sense

With their innovative design and long-standing commitment to customer care, Fire Sense deserves their leading position in outdoor heating and electronic fireplaces. Many of these patio heaters have attached wheels for easy portability and include a piezo ignition system for reliability and ease.

Brand: Endless Summer

When you purchase an Endless Summer Patio Heater, you'll be one step closer to creating an inviting outdoor space. Because they offer both full-size patio heaters and table top designs, you'll be able to choose the size and style that most fits your outdoor design scheme.

Brand: Dayva

For almost thirty years, Dayva International has crafted their reputation as a market leader in uncompromising quality, outstanding service, and exceptional value. Building on their widespread experience with retailers, Dayva has been defined by integrity and fair play, a characterization that has successfully established them as a company that cares less about the bottom line and more about the client.

Brand: Bromic Patio Heaters

The modern design may catch your eye, but it's the heavy duty construction of these Bromic Patio Heaters that will keep you hooked. These units are built to withstand heavy winds and rain so that you have no qualms about using them to heat your outdoor room.

Brand: Bond

Infuse your backyard with the warmth and comfort found in your own home by purchasing one of these Bond Patio Heaters. Bond Manufacturing knows all about company longevity and trust. After being in business for more than 50 years, they've learned how to present a product offering that speaks to both value and quality.

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