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Smoke-N-Hot Pro Black Pellet Grill
Item#: 49700003

If you are looking for a grill that makes cooking the perfect meal look easy while not forcing you to take out a second mortgage just to pay for it, then look no further than the Smoke-N-Hot Pro Black Pellet Grill! This grill is a marvel of grilling technology that combines the smokey flavor of wood cooking with the finite control of a true convection oven to create the perfect outdoor cooking companion. Simply load the hopper with pellets, set the temperature gauge, and the let Smoke-N-Hot do the rest.


  • Grill temperature range of 180°F to 600°F
  • 718 square inch cooking surface
  • 23 lb. pellet hopper
  • Twin grease drawers for easy clean up
  • Intuitive digital controls

While the Smoke-N-Hot Pro Black Pellet Grill is one of the few true convection grills, with one simple flip of the flame cover you are still able to achieve that flame-kissed flavor that only comes with open flame grilling. The grill masters at Smoke-N-Hot have even created a way to ensure that overcooked or burnt food is a thing of the past! You will always have food that is perfectly cooked to your tastes with the innovative digital meat thermometer. The thermometer ensures that the grill will automatically drop to the "smoke" mode once your meat reaches an internal temperature that you set!

As with all pellet grills, the wide variety of pellet options gives you complete control over the flavor of your food and, with a 23 lb. pellet capacity, there is more than enough room to mix and match flavors. The Smoke-N-Hot Pro Black Pellet Grill is so easy to use that the only worry you'll have is how to keep the neighbors from borrowing it!

Contact one of our NFI certified technicians today at (800) 919-1904 to begin turning yourself into the neighborhood's grill master today!

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