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Vintage Stainless Steel Sear Side Burner
Item#: 4550015

Turning up the heat on outdoor grilling, the Vintage Stainless Steel Sear Side Burner provides an extra two feet of intense cooking area. Built with a lifetime guaranteed stainless steel construction, this burner provides a seasoned chef with the means to sear choice meats, finishing your entrees with a singed outside, and a mouthwateringly tender inside.


  • Cooking Power: 27,500 BTUs
  • 9v Ignition
  • Stainless steel U-grate
  • Natural Gas ready, with propane conversion kit
  • Includes a stainless steel removable lid

For those who can appreciate the finer side of grilling, you know that a well-finished steak doesn’t happen by chance; the proper experience, and the proper tools, is required. Installing onto the cart of your Vintage grill, or even right into the countertop beside it, this side sear burner uses infrared technology to add the final touch to your meats, keeping them crisp, moist, and tender.


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